We all have them – New Years resolutions, summer weight goals, C25K and so on but do we all achieve them all?
Most of the time let’s be honest – ‘life’ gets in the way.
I’ll call ‘life’ obstacles for this post..

So.. these obstacles – the things that crop up and then stop us ..EVEN when we have honestly and passionately set them.. STOP us achieving our goals.

We can categorise these obstacles into two simple groups – INTERNAL [pain, mood and energy] and EXTERNAL – ones that are happening within and part of us and those that occur in our environment.
Acupuncture can create a resilient internal place and a reduction in pain so that you can get going and overcome those external obstacles with more zeal and focus.

This article touches on the PAIN and the WELLBEING aspects that can enhance the overall performance and if left untreated slow it down.

The beauty of Acupuncture is that is holistic – we can bespoke the needles to your needs then and move and accommodate as this improves or new needs arise.