“are you looking for a more natural way to enhance your facial skin?”

“are you in pain but want to take less painkillers?”

“would you like to feel less stressed or anxious?”

“are you unsure whether acupuncture will help your condition?”

“want less fine lines but don’t want injections?”

“wanting a different way to control your symptoms?”

Seeking an alternative, more holistic approach to your symptoms?

Curious to find out how Acupuncture, Facial Enhancement Acupuncture or Micro-needling could help you?

If you would like to take this further please contact me now and if appropriate I’ll get you booked into a free 15 mins consultation.

I will take a history, demonstrate the technique and advise you accordingly.

I can advise briefly over the phone if preferred initially.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”

Jim Rohn

Here’s how I can help

Acupuncture For Painful conditions – acute and chronic

Acupuncture For Wellbeing & mental health

Acupuncture For Long standing physical

Acupuncture For Facial enhancement & skincare

Medical micro-needling

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