Did you know Acupuncture can help achieve real results?

May is a great month to begin a weight control plan. We have June and July to get up momentum and the summer salads to take us through to achieve our year goal. This is such a great time to take action.

Time enough before the beach weather in summer and also with more sunny days coming that can encourage us to eat a healthier diet.

But what about Appetite?
Stressful lives?

Both of these can encourage those negative habits we all know so well that often prevent our success.

What if you are still a step behind your goal? Almost, but not quite there, as life gets in the way?

Tried and not succeeded in the past and curious to try another way around these challenges?

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I can help here with a combination of;
Acupuncture to settle appetite and calm the nerves,

Motivational coaching to maintain momentum, and if wanted a

30 day plan – a tried and tested eating plan that has brilliant results both for boosting energy and weight loss.

Contact me to book a free consultation
– I can share more information then and see if this is a fit for you.

(Added extra coaching in the acupuncture package would be part and parcel of the usual fee – the 30 day eating plan is optional but you can take a look and decide for yourself).